My Goal is To Empower You! Will You?

I created this medical service with a mission to help you feel unshackled from the bout of your symptoms and live a full moment of life. I am committed to facilitate not only your recovery process but also your personal growth, as I believe its all about YOU!

Marina Doulova, M.D., created ABC Psychiatric Services as a medical hallmark of crucial reminder that being symptom-free can be as easy as ABC! “Helping you” is the biggest motivation of Dr. Doulova behind founding this medical service.  Based in Forest Hills, New York City, this private psychiatric service is deeply dedicated to the and adult patients.

ABC Psychiatric Services provides you an uplifting environment and reminds you of your potentials. Whether you seek help for some or you need real personal growth to function positively in every area of life, help is available!

“John felt as if he was hitting a rock bottom.  He was getting over stressed at work and at home, the result – jump of anxiety and sleepless nights.  He felt his fuses are about to burn, so he came to my office for help.  Six months later, John is promoted and he is a different man – relaxed, and confident. Now he looks back with a smile about his past downfall…” Dr. Doulova says.

Through a medical expertise, igniting passion, and modern therapeutic approach, Dr. Doulova offers medical care to patients and that have been haunting their lives. She aims to serve you best with her proven expertise in treatment stabilization and recovery model that often leads to complete remission of symptoms.

“The patients who have been feeling helpless and troubled for so long can be recovered” – as Dr. Doulova confidently believes “it’s never too late”.

The provided services greatly follow the absolute action-statement “give power to your-self”.

Medical expertise, positive regard and highest ethical standards are among the least offerings of ABC Psychiatric Services to empower you, as Dr. Doulova says “It’s all about YOU!”