Helping Distressed People Live A Joyous Life

ABC Psychiatric Services is honored to provide personalized psychiatric services to troubled people under the care of Marina Doulova, MD board certified (know more about her).  Dr. Doulova’s clients are no different than you!  We help them, we encourage them, and provide them with the tools to live fulfilling and uplifting lives.

“Many come to my office with common complaints of poor concentration, insomnia, chronic fatigue, tiredness, low or excessive appetite, feeling of failing in life, etc.  While complaints may be common, the cause and circumstances are unique.  We build treatment plan and we set plan of actions – unique to individual needs.  We define goals and put measures in place.  We give you tools for success – specific to your circumstances.  My personal goal is to get you back to success in shortest time possible.  Why live in suffering, when you can live in joy!” says Dr. Doulova.

Selecting a psychiatrist is an important decision and we want you feel confident while visiting us.  We are honored to affirm that most of our clients are able to live a normal and passionate life at the completion of their treatment programs. Dr. Doulova has proven competence in dealing with both adult and child patients and her medical community is also convinced of her professional skills.  Please see Reviews.

“When patients walk into my office there is a lot going on in their lives and their minds are consumed by distressed thoughts.  They may feel isolated, overwhelmed, stressed, agitated, anxious or angry at the world. They may feel upset at themselves or at others for feeling panicky, agitated, and powerless to focus and contemplate. They may also feel distracted, easily frustrated, ready to quit, helpless, hopeless, worthless, irritable, and look negatively at every aspect of their lives.  These people are in search for compassion, sincerity, and real help – often quick help.” – Dr. Doulova says.

Our services are designed in close collaboration with therapists, psychologists, internists and other specialists, because we know collaboration with other medical professionals provides best treatment. Please have a look at complete details of our Services.

Treatment stabilization and complete remission of symptoms is at the heart of our practice philosophy and we do everything possible to provide the patient with the best service.

Our office has highly private settings, as privacy of our clients is our top priority.  We make sure your visit comes with most comfort and ease.  Private parking, and back door exit and entrance are among conveniences we offer to our customers.

Dr. Doulova appreciates your visit at her office. Please fill in the appointment form on the left or make an appointment call today to schedule your visit. We hope to meet you soon!