About Us

ABC Psychiatric Services is the private practice of Marina Doulova, M.D., a practice dedicated to child and adult psychiatric services. We specialize and offer various services from comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, medication management, to personal growth. We are here to support our patients and create an atmosphere to facilitate patient wellness. The desire to help patients become symptom-free is what motivated me to create this medical practice.

A Few Words from Dr. Doulova

I recognize that you or a loved one may be experiencing challenging symptoms and this can be difficult. My career is based on supporting patients and it is very rewarding when I am able to help a patient become symptom-free. My goal is to help patients function positively in family, work, and community settings.

My professional philosophy is grounded in the treatment stabilization and recovery model. In part this means that I assist patients to feel empowered to participate in recovery so they may live a satisfying life. Another area of expertise I possess is medication management. I work with my patients to ensure the lowest-possible dose is used to most-optimally treat the patients, protecting the health and well-being of the patient.

My background is diverse, including treatment of a severely-ill population in the Mental Health State System. Even in that extreme situation, I observed great improvement and complete remission of symptoms in many of my patients. In my work as a psychiatrist, I do everything possible to deliver the best service for my patients.

My patients can expect a minimum of these three things: medical knowledge and skill, genuine compassion for others, and the highest ethical standards. My patients and medical colleagues will attest to my dedication to my profession.