We provide the following child and adult psychiatric services. If you have a question about these services, please feel free to ask us.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Interview & Assessment

During the first visit, we will conduct an initial diagnostic interview and assessment. At that time, we will recommend a treatment plan based on your needs. To provide the best care, we screen every patient for many medical conditions so we can understand the potential cause of psychiatric symptoms. Additional laboratory tests and specialist referrals may be ordered, if it is necessary.

Medication Management and Follow-up Appointments

Medications are often necessary in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. It takes skill and mutual patience to recommend harmless medication at the lowest dosage to serve a specific purpose. In some situations, new patients come to me to review existing medications to ensure proper dosing or dose reduction. There is nothing more gratifying than observing significant improvement and complete remission of symptoms in many of my patients.

Individual and Family Psychotherapy Appointments

We provide individual psychotherapy within particular areas of expertise, and upon request. We also help with complementary and alternative therapy referrals for patients who require a higher intensity of care.

Treatment Team Approach

We practice medicine in collaboration with other specialties. In order to provide best care to the patent, we develop a 360-degree view of the patient. Regular communication with therapists, psychologists, internists, and other specialists is essential to practice good medicine.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment please call us at (718)261-3232.