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“It is my pleasure to have worked with Dr. Marina Doulova, who I have known for several years. Dr. Doulova is passionately devoted to the welfare of her patients; she is intelligent and highly motivated individual . Dr. Doulova has a good fund of knowledge and has performed brilliantly in a variety of clinical situations involving psychopharmacology as well as psychotherapeutic services. Above all, her understanding of the ethics of the profession of medicine is commendable. I highly recommend her. .” Bindu Koshy, MD, Adult Psychiatrist –
Bellin Behaviroal Health,Green Bay, WI
“I came to know Dr. Doulova through residency training at Delaware Psychiatric Program. Her sharp observation, unique vision, and kindness are outstanding. It is hard to overemphasise her passion for profession and her sincere care for patients. Dr. Doulova was highly regarded by her colleagues and supervisors. She was also well respected by patients. Dr. Doulova is well rounded psychiatrist who integrates medical knowledge, psychological mind, social and cultural understanding when making treatment recomendations to her patients. She is the doctor one can trust to make the difference in one’s life.” Lei Zou, MD, Child & Adult Psychiatrist St. Vincent Medical Center, Westport, CT

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